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Submitted 2017-10-31 18:10:03
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Happy Halloween everyone! - bulkheads crew

This is a short which was made for halloween. Some of you may have already seen this at Versecon this weekend :)

Bulkheads: Short 06 – Maintenance [Star Citizen machinima]
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To take care some maintenance issues, one of the crew members ‘volunteered’ to go into the ventilation system to do a reset of the system. Unfortunately for him, some other creatures took up residence in the vents and he is now trespassing.

Directors note: "This is a preview of some facial setup which will be seen in the near future. It features a lot of upgrades such as the flash elements and new character skins."

Executive Producers:
PapaDolvak –
TJ "FiendishFeather" Long –

CryEngine Production:
AlexS189 –
TJ "FiendishFeather" Long –

AlexS189 –

AlexS189 –

Audio & Foley:
Hybrid_V –

Alexander Jordon –

Voice Directing:
Trendane Sparks -

Voice Actors:
Maintenance Guy: Grakees –
Radio Guy 01: Trendane Sparks -
Radio Guy 02: Brian "Kinshadow" Murray –

Created on CryEngine 3.8.6,
using many builds of Star Citizen and a bunch of custom/modified assets.
To check out more about Star Citizen, check these websites out!

Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat simulator video game for the PC Platform.
Star Citizen will consist of two main elements: a persistent world massively multiplayer on-line game
mixing elements of 1st person space combat and interstellar trade (known as Star Citizen) and a branching
single-player and drop-in co-operative multiplayer campaign (known as Squadron 42), together with
customizable private server and modding components.

-The Bulkheads production team.



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