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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2017-11-02 10:44:58
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ZephyrBot - A Star Citizen Discord Bot

Hello and welcome to ZephyrBot, a Star Citizen information repository for your Discord server. The bot can show information regarding ships, vehicles, systems, and manufacturers, with blue title links within data embeds providing direct access to relevant content on the website.

ZephyrBot has been soft launched for around a year, and in that time has grown to 96 guilds with a combined user coverage of over 18,000. I recently completed the required data update for the new ship matrix and I feel ZBot is in a good place to go to a wider audience.

The next version of the bot will support guild fleet management, allowing users to keep track of & display their owned ships, and provide a way for org owners to aggregate fleet statistics. Long-term I’d like to support information about ground and ship weaponry and eventually components.

I will note that there’s a LOT of edge cases when it comes to user <-> bot interaction and you may run into a rare situation where something isn’t working as you expect it to and the bot isn’t telling you why, if you encounter such a situation, please report it on the development server below.

Also, if you find that PM commands such as z_help aren’t working, you’ve disabled the ability for people to send you PMs on the server.

You can add ZBot to your server by following this link (Requires "Manage Server" permission):

Further information and FAQ:

If you have any problems or suggestions, please join the development Discord server:



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