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Star Citizen: Critical Damage

Greetings, citizens!
Waiting for 3.0 personally, I’m most annoyed not by the expectation itself, but the lack of opportunity to create content on the game – since everything I wanted to create was created. Therefore, I have not done any screenshots on the game for a long time. Also I release the videos more often than never (thanks to the Gamescom and Citizencon), but it’s still rare.
But! Recently one old idea was remembered.

So, I present to your attention the video devoted to the system of visualization of ship destruction. It’s made similar to my video series "Details of Star Citizen", but it does not last 20 minutes and is not so boring :) I tried beautifully to show this part of Star Citizen, performed, like everything in the Cloud Imperium, with insane attention to quality.

I recommend turn on "1440p" in the YouTube player – the quality of picture becomes noticeably better ;)

Enjoy watching!

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