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Submitted 2017-11-23 03:36:43
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Built Lego Model - Khartu Al

Original design is by Rsi User Captain_Aidenthor, also known as /u/turbo_kiwi on reddit or turbokiwi on flickr. I made a few edits to make the parts order-able on Bricklink but all design credit should go to him. Anyways, this has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever built, both from the building process and the result of the final product.

- Looks stupid cool, seriously pictures don’t do this justice. Some things really need to be experienced in three dimensions.
- Fun to build if you like a moderate challenge.
- Engines can swivel around inside their housings, or the whole pod itself.
- It’s red
- Somewhat flimsy
- Not a good playset, more of a model. Not really a "con" for me, but it could be for some.
- Needs a stand to be "upright"

Footnotes on flimsiness and other stuff

Flimsiness Analysis
The main part of the body and part under the cockpit is pretty solid, with the exception of the top fin which is also fairly solid itself but only attached by little more than a single 2×4 plate. the top two wiglet parts above the engines are solid enough, but move easily if nudged. The engines have no chance of falling off, but the housing and the "wing" attached to the engine is fairly flimsy, and can be hard to get adjusted right. Might offend some with OCD, since its pretty much impossible to get the engines perfectly symmetrical. Some may notice the photo showing a close up of the wing connection point to the housing on one of the engines, that is string you are seeing. Since the engine wing connection point is free to swivel, I had to use string on a pin connector to prevent the top wings from drooping, luckily the bottom wings will rest there naturally if the pin is out as it is on top. It would have been possible to put the pin in more to make the wings more flush with the mountings, but that would have involved string on the bottom as well and since the string was rather tricky to get right I decided to leave it as is. The rear "exhaust" of the engines are rather tricky to get right as well, as the connection piece with the blue transparent "exhaust" needs to fit both a connector and the blue "exhaust" piece, of which it was only really designed to fit one; The exhaust in the back of the engines needs to be sort of "half" put on, it can take some time to get right.

Cost Analysis
Costs ran me just under $100 CAD for parts on Bricklink. With shipping it was around $30 more. If you ever plan on building anything, look to see if you can find stuff local before you buy from the auto part picker, it will take some time to individually create lots for all the parts but you could have some significant savings. Unfortunately I did not know this before I ordered my parts.


Link to the Bricklink model I used.. This will allow you to download a CAD file you can use to create an order form of parts. Posted in case someone is interested in building one. Again, original design is by Rsi User Captain_Aidenthor, also known as /u/turbo_kiwi on reddit or turbokiwi on flickr.



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