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Links from the verse

Star Engine and the technology behind Star Citizen - Star Citizen Italia

I wrote this article for the Italian community. I was undecided whether to share it here on RSI too, but in the end, I was convinced that some might find it interesting, even if not translated into English. ^^’ It was a quite difficult...
Submited 2 days ago by Marcus Arts

August International Virtual Bar Citizen 2951

Please join us (a cooperative effort between Sol Citizens and YachtClubBC) for our next Virtual Bar Citizen! All are welcome! Please RSVP in advance for this event with the link. Date: Saturday, August 14th, 2021 Time: 3:00 PM ET/7:00 PM...
Submited 1 week ago by fastcart (fc)

Timeline Starmap

This is a little tool I have made to view the Star Citizen Universe, as it existed from the Human perspective at any point in time from 2270 to the present day. Simply drag the slider, and the map will update. There’s an FAQ that ex...
Submited 2 weeks ago by Jale - X.ēl - Jéla

Icarus 2 from Deep Space Crew reaches the Stanton star

This blog post serves as a central location for all related information about Operation Icarus.
Submited 1 month ago by Murphy

Armory - FPS Loadout Tool

Hello Citizens! So I was looking for a way to easily locate gear in the Verse, so I made a tool for it. The tool allows you to select your armor, weapons, attachments and items like grenades, med pens and crypto keys. The tool is still in...
Submited 1 month ago by TheSpaceCoder

MEETING MY CHARACTER (New Babbage AI) in the game! | Voice actor's first time playing Star Citizen

" WHAT FUN . Thank you to everyone who tuned in – the full 4 hour stream is on my Twitch for 2 weeks so grab that whilst you can. I’ll be streaming more on there as and when, different games whenever I feel like it really haha....
Submited 3 months ago by Klaes Ashford

RSI Bengal Carrier shooting & close First Look (PTU 3.13.1) - YouTube

The RSI Bengal Carrier can be seen for the first time in the Star Citizen PTU 3.13.1. We took a look at the battle ship, which is over a kilometer long, and its armament in action. We check a few details of the ship in this first look more cl...
Submited 3 months ago by [ARAS] BOOZerO

Invictus week Bengal - XenoThreat Leak & Ninetails Lockdown in Star Citizen - YouTube

In todays video we will be going the Invictus week Bengal being leaked – the XenoThreat Leak and Ninetails lockdown in Star Citizen so the reason i go over this is because obviously Invictus 2951 is a hot topic right now but i thought i nee...
Submited 3 months ago by Baron


With the Star Citizen Alpha 3.13, new paints are available again for the Crusader Mercury Star Runner. There are now eight different skins for the MSR . In this exterior view of the spaceship from Crusader Industries you can see all paints inclu...
Submited 3 months ago by [ARAS] BOOZerO

"Who Will Win?": The Race for Pyro - YouTube

Maybe the backers of Star Citizen won’t be the first to reach the Pyro System.
Submited 4 months ago by GriffinGamingRPG

All episodes (-4) Calling all devs - timestamped questions and answers - Star Citizen Spectrum

it´s not all episodes yet.. but many… i did my best to mark the answers with tags so you can find what you search for more easy … there´s i think the first two and the last two episodes missing…
Submited 5 months ago by Hobo von Richthofen

Silvine Ind. - Company - DE / GER

Ich wollte mal meine Firma posten. Jeder der Deutsch spricht, darf gerne mitmachen! :)
Submited 6 months ago by xAristo

Star Citizen resources megalist - Star Citizen Wiki

Megalist of Star Citizen resources, permanently transferred from the Xenosystems website to the wiki for better visibility and therefore to better help people find what they are looking for as well as share and promote community creations, also t...
Submited 6 months ago by [XES]TheBookfinder

Diary of a Star Citizen: Agent against will

In search of a better life, a simple freelancer and smuggler gets deeper and deeper into a vortex of corruption and betrayal. Summary of the first 99 episodes "Diary of Zero Sense" and start of the second season.
Submited 8 months ago by Zero Sense

[GERMAN] Tobii Eye Tracker 5 - Unboxing, Installation, Konfiguration & Spieltest

Der Tobii Eye Tracker 5 – vom Unboxing bis zum Raumkampf führe ich durch den Tobii Eye Tracker 5 und komme zu einem eindeutigen Fazit
Submited 8 months ago by Jaxon Dandelion

Starcitizen Kantine

Mit der Starcitizen Kantine möchten wir in der Spielergemeinschaft eine offene Platform gründen, die sich durch die Zusammenarbeit ihrer Mitglieder stetig weiter entwickelt. Wir verstehen Community wörtlich, als Gemeinschaft. Daher...
Submited 8 months ago by DrK cL

Maior comunidade Brasileira de StarCtitizen

Maior Comunidade do game do Brasil com mais de 8k de membros.
Submited 8 months ago by EVE- MestreBushido

How to get out of prison quickly through the front door 3.10 live. (Saindo rápido da prisão.) - Yo

Português.Como sair rapidamente da prisão pela porta da frente 3.10 Live.The promotional code starts 5000UEC STAR -239F-TWD7 and joins our organization and we…
Submited 8 months ago by EVE- MestreBushido

Star Citizen Referral Code

A website to help people use a referral code for star citizen. Included are some details about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The site is brand new and will be getting constant updates. Every time a new update is added patch notes will be availabl...
Submited 8 months ago by Burrito

Star Citizen Discord Francophone

Les nouveaux et anciens joueurs francophones, nous vous invitons sur notre DISCORD Star Citizen. Que vous soyez expérimenté ou non:
Submited 8 months ago by Keb

Diary of a Star Citizen: Log #99 - Die Mercury Star Runner

I got the opportunity to purchase a Mecury Star Runner. But there were hurdles. Did I make it? A short store.
Submited 8 months ago by Zero Sense

Star Citizen - A Solo Star Wars Parody

Inspired by the long-awaited flight-ready launch of the Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner, FFK has paid tribute to an equally versatile and notorious space-faring vessel in this shot-for-shot homage parody trailer of Solo using 100% in-ga...
Submited 9 months ago by Bo Fone

Diary of a Star Citizen: Log #95 - Chhris and scandal at Microtech

A scandal at Microtech is rising. Follow the story and the foodsteps of Zero Sense.
Submited 9 months ago by Zero Sense

Diary of a Star Citizen: The spirit of the Tevarin

A short story: A salaving mission that called the spirits from another world.
Submited 10 months ago by Zero Sense

Imperator Candidate Information Center

A summary of the platforms of all 2950 imperator election candidates for the informed voter. Stay in and vote October 10th-25th!

Mouse Inversion and Interaction Mode - GlovePIE to the rescue

An external workaround for mouse inversion. Start GlovePIE and enter this script: if Pressed(Keyboard.F) then var.invert = true endif if Released(Keyboard.F) then var.invert = false endif if var.invert == true then mouse.SwallowMo...
Submited 11 months ago by They'Wor

Star Citizen Organizations Report: August 2020 - Wormhole Tribune

Every month, Wormhole Tribune publishes a summary report on the different organizations that make up the universe of Starcitizen: discover the major developments of August 2020, the trends and invest in the best companies. French version : htt...
Submited 1 year ago by Korian Munshine

The adventures of my org in the beautiful world of Star Citizen

Screenshots taken by my org in the last 3 months of how beautiful this game is! :D
Submited 1 year ago by Wisur

Drug Smuggling in Star Citizen – The Lone Gamers

Drug smuggling in Star Citizen has the most profitable small volume trade runs currently available by far.
Submited 1 year ago by Yuka

Spectre Mission Archive

This page is dedicated to my experiences and stories in the game. This blog is an in fiction, roleplay style documentation of operations or missions I design and run with friends. Its intention is to add depth and background with a bigger story c...
Submited 1 year ago by Misery
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