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19-Team 2v2 AC Tournament -- April 29 1700UTC

The Star Citizen Competitive Combat Club is hosting our second 2v2 AC tournament on April 29th at 17:00 UTC (1pm EDT , 10am PDT ). The tournament can be viewed on the SC4 Twitch Stream, including a 30 minute pregame show (hosted by TheAstroPu...
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CTZN Story: The Ku’ Lin nation | ctzn[news]

Deep within the impenetrable rainforests of the Goss system, thrives nation willing to challenge the entire concept behind the origins of Humanity.
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Welcome to the Office of Civilian Ship Registration & Titling | The UEE Advocacy Office of Civil

Take the hassle out of registering your vessel by using a smarter and faster alternative. Easily locate your vehicle type in the UEE online lookup system, and submit official forms in a single session.
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Mustang Intergalactic - YouTube

Extending and supporting existing lore while adding bits of our own through high-quality original music is our goal. We’re not sure how best to share this music with the community, but here are the first two songs – one with a storied...
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Issue Council

Clipping through the Guard Railing at Kareah.
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SC Janus the open source discord bot for orgs

Janus is a “funny” discord bot, made specific for private organisations. If your org has a discord server you can use Janus to entertain your members or do boring admin tasks. It was inspired from the Janus, the Artemis’s ship...
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Star Citizen Anthem Project

Fan created Anthem song by Darth Vader.
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Star Citizen | Monthly Update - March 2017

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, every month CIG release a monthly report, about what they have worked, are working & hints about what they are going…
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Around the Verse - Τι είναι το Mega Map? • Prime Citizen

Νέα από το LA Studio, και η περιγραφή της λειτουργίας Mega Map στ&o...
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Disco Lando's first question on Wingman's Hangar

Almost from the beginning of WH, the community sent in questions as (cheeeesy) videos. Some had serious roleplaying like Logante and kinshadow; others used those robot-talking chatbots. These videos became kind of a meme and one day our now commu...
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The reddit referral code randomizer, new citizens don't forget to add your code!

The Star Citizen referral randomizer was launched right after the introduction of the referral program. If you’re a new citizen or haven’t added your code yet, do so now. It takes little effort and maybe you get lucky! Just follow the...
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Star Citizen - What Makes It Special? - YouTube

CaptainShack takes a look at what Star Citizen is.. and the latest news to come out of its development.. What makes it special as a space sandbox from the eyes of a Cargo Captain.
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Origins: Part 1 - INN – Star Citizen News by INN

A new Star Citizen fiction series by Wolf Larsen, of INN .
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Route Planner @ SCCenter

Hello citizens. I am VERY excited and nervous to share my first contribution to the SC Community. I made a tablet-friendly website with free SC apps, first one is a Route Planner with all the StarMap data and “smart” preference...
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The System Music Initiative - YouTube

From the lead creator of the Star Citizen: An Unofficial Soundtrack, the System Music Initiative is a cinematic soundtrack for many of the destinations within Star Citizen. From the starting system Sol to the beautiful Goss, from the desolate Had...
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P - 52 Merlin Star Citizen - YouTube

Wo bin ich unterwegs: Hier ist der Thread:…
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Star Citizen Headquarter Trailer - YouTube

Star Citizen Headquarter … Groesste deutsch sprachige Community ..
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Adventures in Star Citizen α2.6.1 - Album on Imgur

Adventures in Star Citizen α2.6.1: an ongoing selection of screenshots from across the verse, updated irregularly during the live α2.6.1 patch.
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The Battle of Benelli: Aftermath - INN Fiction

The newest chapter in the story of Ace and Delilah Hakkar, a brother and sister who escaped Messer’s Hammer, in the aftermath of the Second Tevarin war. 
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6 ways to get more recruits from the referral program

Not everybody has 10 friends who are interested in Star Citizen, and buying 10 packages isn’t worth the money. We all know the referral code randomizer. You just add it and wait, but passiveness isn’t going to get you 10 recruits. ...
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Star Citizen – Wind Tunnel Test – United4Games

Wind Tunnel Spreadsheet, Wind Tunnel Videos, Learn about the Tests, Watch the Tests
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How To Make A Custom Control Panel

A link to a cool method of building your own custom controls for Starcitizen. Originally put together for Elite Dangerous. (I am Not the original creator)
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Snakem - YouTube

LIGHT on a DEV ’ is a show that make you knowing better the people behind the Star Citizen project. All the devs involved are presented , "put under the lights" during 4 to 7 minutes videos. I’m Snakem and my content ...
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Racer's Perspective (Fan made Racing Magazin)

An Unofficial Star Citizen Racing Magazine by Gwyr,Sredni et al. Featuring Interviews with Racer, Tips, Ship Review,Fiction,Artwork and much more. First issue now available as PDF download (37pages)
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[FR] Discord Star Citizen France // Francophones

Que tu sois déjà Citoyen, ou que tu sois nouveau et tout simplement curieux, et que tu as besoin d’informations sur le jeu, le serveur vocal communautaire Star Citizen France est le complément idéal de toutes les...
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Blue Orion Expeditionary - Web Template: Star Citizen Orgs

This web template is for small (1-10 member) Star Citizen organizations. It was built from the ground up for all manner of devices such as phones, tablets, and displays; complete with standards-compliance for browser compatibility. Now dissemi...
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[FR&EN]Grimhex 2.5 VS 2.6 - Album on Imgur (+new&old version colors)

Bonjour / Bonsoir; FR Je vous présente un comparatif de Grim Hex 2.5 VS 2.6 (ainsi que le bug de colorimétrie présente depuis le changement du moteur graphique, certain possède le bug, d’autres non) Old vers...
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Behering.mp3 - Google Drive

A commercial I made for Behering. I tried to be as canon as possible. Enjoy.
Submited 3 months ago by Vaedrin Mallack

[FR] Portail Francophone Star Citizen

Le Portail est LE centre névralgique des communautés. Ce site va bientôt te devenir indispensable ! Retrouves-y le flux de tout Star Citizen : tous les articles des principaux sites traitant de Star Citizen, qu’ils soie...
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HurstonDemo2.mp3 - Google Drive

A commercial I made for Hurston. The owner is an eccentric so I figured he would be more than eager to make propaganda with Vega’s attack. Unfinished work, it needs some balancing. Enjoy.
Submited 3 months ago by Vaedrin Mallack
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