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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 2 years ago
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Tribute to the Space Penguin

As time goes by and more vehicles join the Star Citizen universe, I ALWAYS end up going back to my Avenger Stalker as my most versatile and aesthetically pleasing vehicle. It’s fast, nimble, packs a punch (dare I say, "above it’s weightclass"?), can accomplish a number of missions, can take passengers (willingly or otherwise), and looks damn good while doing it all.

To celebrate the Avenger, below are my favorite in-game screenshots from over the years… along with some brand new ones. All feature the Avenger (mostly Stalker).

I backed Star Citizen back in December 2013 with an Aurora LN. Two weeks later, I melted that brick and upgraded to an Avenger (there were no variants at the time). To this day, it is the only ship I’ve purchased for myself and I have NEVER regretted it. Sure, in some patches, it’s not ideal… but overall, the Avenger Stalker continues to perform and function in the role it was first intended for. While it’s technically NOT a "starter ship", it could easily be. For a relatively small amount of extra credits, someone looking to step up from an Aurora or Mustang could get a lot of bang for their buck by trading up to an Avenger. It is easily my favorite everyday, all-around vehicle.

These were all captured in-game within Star Citizen Alpha ranging from Alpha 2.1 to 3.6. There are no post-production edits (outside image editor like Photoshop) other than adding my watermark, downsampling to 4k and cropping/rotating some of the images. ReShade was used in some of the images to adjust levels, add filmgrain, etc live in-game.


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You are free to download and use any of my screenshots. All that I ask is that if you happen to use one or more in a public project (video, graphic, artwork, tattoo, interpretive dance, skywriting, etc), please credit me in some way and link back to my website:



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