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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 3 years ago
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My Avenger Titan, the FSS Valentina

When I first went into space, I thought I knew.

I knew nothing.

I bought an Aurora MR, because I was drawn haplessly into the flashy ads that you see everywhere.

I thought "Man, I could make a living transporting goods, helping people, and living in that ship."

Was I wrong. I don’t mean there’s something wrong with the MR; the ship is comfortable, reliable, and compact, but it just wasn’t for me.

Once I really started doing my research, I found the Avenger Titan. Man, is that ship sleek! Handles like a dream both in and out of atmo. I couldn’t wait to buy one after my first test drive!

Fast forward a couple of months, I’ve finally made enough to put a decent down payment, with my MR in trade to Uncle Commie’s Shipyard. I was ecstatic!

You may think to yourself, "What? The Titan has barely more cargo capacity than the MR, he’s crazier than a Yelan Frobisher!"

It’s more than that, though. Much more.

Now, I fly without a care in the world.



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