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Caterpillar of Old

The old Caterpillar has always been my favourite ship. The pictures are of the original Caterpillar that still had twin bedding which CIG strangely removed. For me the Cat was the best design CIG have ever done as far as ships get. It was released after the FPS map Tali and Starfarer and hope was running thin to get a ship with an appealing interior. I was positively suprised when I first explored it.

Big ships released after the Cat were getting back to the usual FPS map nonsense and strange design choices E.g. the Phoenix has no toilet for its VIP passengers and reworked Cutlass got its toilet removed, the Hammerhead is a hallway simulator with no weapon racks, the 600i has this dome-sized crew quarters and the Kraken supposedly will not have a med bay, despite its size and function.

Im glad I took these pictures at the time when I was able to do so. Before the 2.6 (yes, 2.6 !) patch more than 2 years ago, ships spawned in Arena Commander or inside the Hangars were not broken in that they had fires breaking out, steam blowing from broken pipes, water dripping from the ceiling, lights being out and flashing etc.

Essentially the pictures back then were at a time were I thought development would be getting better and better each passing month. The opposite came through. After the 2.6 patch more than 2 years ago I never really wanted to immerse myself in SC because of the completely broken ship interiors.

I made several threads asking for this to be fixed over the years. Of course I also made my bugreport in the Issue Council, which sadly is a broken bugreport tool in the first place due to the not working search function and dozens of duplicates as well as only 1 false report that can completely disqualify the bugreport.

At the present time I have a broken Caterpillar when spawned, got my twin bedding removed, CIG talk about paper-thin nonsense instead of talk about Caterpillar Modules ( ).

Still, the Caterpillar of Old will have a lasting place in my heart.


Exterior 01 - Back View

Exterior 02 - Back View Near

Exterior 03 - Fron View Near

Exterior 04 - Front View

Exterior 05 - Cockpit View Out

Exterior 06 - Cockpit View In

Exterior 07 - Side View Modules

Exterior 08 - Side View Front

Exterior 09 - Side View Center

Exterior 10 - Side View Pod

Exterior 11 - Side View Pod Belly

Exterior 12 - Back View Engines

Exterior 13 - Back View Wing

Exterior 14 - Bottom View Center

Exterior 15 - Bottom View Right

Exterior 16 - Bottom View Left

Interior 01 - Cockpit

Interior 02 - Pod Center

Interior 03 - Pod Seat

Interior 04 - Pod Basement Toilet

Interior 05 - Pod Basement Center

Interior 06 - Pod Basement Window

Interior 07 - Corridor to Pod

Interior 08 - Wing Observation

Interior 09 - Docking Room

Interior 10 - Module Walkway

Interior 11 - Module Walkway Center

Interior 12 - Front Module

Interior 13 -Front Module Center

Interior 14 - Module Open

Interior 15 - Crew Quarter

Interior 16 - Crew Quarter Bedding

Interior 17 - Entrance Elevator

Interior 18 - Corridor to Engineering

Interior 19 - Engineering

Interior 20 - Engineering Fuel

Interior 21 - Engineering Station

Interior 22 - Staircase to Engineering

Interior 23 - Computer Room

Interior 24 - Power Room

Interior 25 - Jump Drive



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