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About me and my livestream:
Hello fellow citizens, I’m Daniel, in the internet most commonly known as Kuma (eng. bear), a german broadcaster on Twitch. You can see me playing Star Citizen live at least 3 days a week.

I am german, I will speak german most of the time, which doesn’t mean any other language than german isn’t welcome! Everyone is very welcome, the only thing you have to do is: Behave properly! So if you aren’t german and want to say or ask something in my chat, feel free to do it in english and I will answer as good as I can — I promise! ♥

These are my chat rules:
• Be friendly & polite.
• Respect other people.
• Do not exclude anyone.
• Don’t spoil any TV series or videogames.
• Avoid political & religious topics.
• Send links after permission only.
• No backseat- or metagaming.

For more informations and updates follow me on Twitter: @DerKuma.

Thank you for your attention and have a great day!

— Last update : Feb 5th, 2018



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