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Roberts Space Industries ®
Submitted 1 month ago
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Aegis Warden's Leading the Way.

The Aegis Vanguard Warden is one of stead fast heavy fighters of the UEE Navy and is a vital asset in the war effort against the Vanduul which does not come as a surprise due to the ship’s over all design. What drew our eye’s to it driving us to get our certifications to buy one was the durability and firepower it has available while being built to operate away from a home base for extended periods of time if needed because when you’re doing security work flying in deep space keeping the peace is when those aspects really do help you out on the job.

From our jobs supporting Micro Tech’s Security Forces in their Militia Patrol Initiative flying under the banner of PTC our Vanguard Warden also proved it could handle the rough weather and severe storms out there with little consequence to her handling endearing us even more to it.

We’re submitting the Vanguard Warden to the Ship Show Down 2952 Because its a steadfast partner of a ship that will endure through hell to get you home alive.


This picture was at Daymar during a escort patrol run. Crusader rising over the horizon was awe inspiring yet slightly Ominous as it reminded us why we were there doing that job in the 1st place flying over those endless dunes of sand. Being in the Vanguard Warden hearing her engines purr as we passed over those dunes at seven hundred meters altitude made us feel confident in surviving and completing our job successfully.

This picture was a evening lift off from NBIS with short shake down flight before heading to rendezvous with flight members for a ERT job, the flight was mixed type, and the job went well. New Babbage may be a quite the ice box but seeing it like that in the evening makes it all worth it supporting the MT security in keeping the peace. Nothing felt better than being safely and warmly tucked inside that Warden while flying at around six hundred meters per second above those frozen ice lakes.

This picture was kindly taken by our 3rd wingman during our Supporting operations of Micro Tech Security Forces over on Calliope while our 2nd wingman in their Cutlass Black inspected our damage with us. The Vanguard Warden survived a head on ram from a hostile Eclipse Stealth Bomber that at the last second during our pursuit of it decided to whip around and charge right into us. We knew we could not fully evade it due to how close we were and the split second choice we needed to make so we decided to take advantage of the Warden's redundancy in turning to our left letting them mostly collide into our right engine shearing it off as well its respective wing assembly. After assessing the damages we were cleared to return to base for repairs and re-supply as wingman 4 arrived to also relieve us. That was one of the most intense deployments we've had to date in the Vanguard Warden and it still brought us safely home despite damages that would out right cripple any other heavy fighter.



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