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We’re excited to welcome you to the Long Center in Austin, Texas on October 10th for a full day of presentations and interactions that explore the current and future developments of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

We’re building on your favorite elements from last year’s event and expanding the scope even further, taking advantage of everything our beautiful venue has to offer to give you the ultimate live Star Citizen experience.

Find all the details for this year’s event here.


Some team members will be visiting Gamescom in Cologne, from August 22 – 25. We will arrange a variety of activities and opportunities to meet up during the week, including our traditional developer Biergarten gathering. We will not have a booth or presentation at Gamescom this year, allowing us to focus on our quarterly release schedule and CitizenCon.

Subscriber and Concierge Events

Subscribers will be notified about special events via the Subscriber newsletter.

Concierge members will be contacted regarding exclusive events via the Chairman’s Club.

Community Events

Our team members have occasionally appeared on streams and podcasts. We are currently formalizing a process for requesting developers for such appearances. Stay tuned for more information.

Community members also organize their own conventions such as BritizenCon, ‘VerseCon, Pari’Verse, and Con42, many with hundreds of attendees. Learn more about these popular events here. Please note, RSI is not a sponsor of, or affiliated with, fan events. As such, we are not involved in the administration, organization, or endorsement of these events and have no responsibility or liability relating to them.

As time and schedules permit, our devs like to attend various fan events and conventions. For example, some team members plan to attend SXSW. Others, including Erin Roberts and Brian Chambers, plan to be at BritizenCon. If you’re organizing around a convention and would like to let our developers know, please provide as much notice as possible.

Bar Citizens

Bar Citizen events happen frequently all around the world. We encourage you to attend one of the hundreds of meetups throughout the year. If there isn’t one in your local area, you can organize one of your own. Our devs enjoy attending when they can.

Check out our Fandom page for resources and guidance on everything you might need.

We try to accommodate our fans worldwide and welcome your feedback. Please share it here.