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Roberts Space Industries ®

TEAM BIO – Infinitexuemonkey

All three of us are coming from the small town of Graz in Austria.
Xue aka Philipp Erkinger is the team leader. His majors are architecture and software engineering, and he is currently working in a motion design company in Graz. His responsibilities are 3d modelling, animation, prototype building and concept design.

theinfi aka Philipp Sackl is a close friend of Philipp Erkinger from university, and also studied architecture. Currently he is working in an water engineering office. His team responsibilities are technical designer, concept art, and implementation into the cryengine.

yawningmonkey aka Hannah Erkinger is Philipp Erkingers sister and the final team member. She just finished her major as graphics designer, and now works in the same motion design studio as her brother.
Her team responsibilities are illustrations, concept art and texturing artist.


  • Status : Competing for 3rd Place
  • Appeared first in : Episode 1

In-Engine Rendering Submission

Gunship Modelling Submission

Gunship Design Submission

Weapon Submission