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TEAM BIO – Shard Collective

Brian Cozzens, or cozzbp, is a 26-year old recent Computer Science graduate from Utah State University. He has worked in jobs doing circuit design, computer vision, and desktop application development. For the past year, he has begun working on an indie game called The Memory of Eldurim, and finishing up his classes for graduation. Though primarily a C/C++ programmer, he learned to do technical art and VFX work in the CRYENGINE for The Memory of Eldurim, and has put that knowledge to work for The Next Great Starship competition.

Sergiu Stoicovici, also known as ikarus, is a 23-year old 2D and 3D artist. He started modding and learning game development while still in high school. He studied Industrial Design at the West University of Art & Design for 3 years in Timisoara, Romania. Up until now, he’s been working on his skills for concept art, illustriation, 3D modeling and doing contract work for various clients. He’s one of the team artists in the hybrid first-person shooter and space combat indie game (former mod) Angels Fall First: Planetstorm.

Eric Andrew Belita, usually known online as Oblivion or Obsidian Soul, is a 27-year old 3d artist from the Philippines. Although he has never worked professionally in a game studio, he’s been contributing to indie games and mods since he first started learning how to do game art. He’s contributed to a wide range of games including Xonotic (formerly Nexuiz), Dwarf Fortress, and Vega Strike. Like ikarus, he’s one of the long-time members of the art team in the indie game Angels Fall First: Planetstorm where he made internet spaceships and guns. However, he’s been on hiatus from 3d art in the past 3 years due to disillusionment and the sheer impossibility of finding employment in the industry in a 3rd world country. Ikarus persuaded him to come back and push polys again for the contest, and who could resist internet spaceships?


  • Status : Competing
  • Appeared first in : Episode 3

Gunship Modelling Submission

Gunship Design Submission

Weapon Submission