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TEAM BIO – Tri-Tri

An eclectic bunch, team Tri-Tri membership consists of EPhalanx, 3DVice, and Gryphen, all of which met via the RSI forums. Possessing varying skill sets, team Tri-Tri strives to strengthen their roles as concept artists, modellers and game engine architects within the industry or in general. While dedicated to building quality game assets for the The Next Great Starship contest and beyond, Tri-Tri maintains the overall mantra of having fun with work, and hopes to transfer that exuberance to our fans, the SC player base, gamers, and sci-fi enthusiasts.


  • Status : Voted out by the Community in the Modelling phase’s Save vote
  • Appeared first in : Episode 2

Gunship Modelling submission

Gunship Design submission

Weapon submission