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Team VISIONCUT consists of two persons; Niklas Heller and Malte Resenberger. We both have a degree in the games industry.

Niklas Heller (22) have finished his Film&Animation study 2011 at the SAE in Hamburg. According to this he joined Goodgame Studios in Hamburg, Germany as Junior 3D artist.
Malte Resenberger (28) studied Game Design and Art&Animation at the Games-Academy in Berlin, Germany. He worked for several projects like “Dawn of Discovery (Anno1404)” and “Drakensang 2”. He joined Goodgame Studios in August 2013 as Regular 3D artist.

During the work in our company for browser games we meet each other and teamed up for the Star Citizen contest.


  • Status : Eliminated as of March 21st – voted out by the community.
  • Appeared first in : Episode 2

Gunship Design submission

Weapon submission