Calling All Aspiring Miners

“I’ve worked a lot of jobs on a lot of worlds. The thing that makes Shubin different? It’s a family.”
- Weston Vigg, Shubin Employee, 27 years

Have you considered a job in today’s mining industry? Have you wanted to travel to far off locales and work with cutting edge technology? Shubin Interstellar, one of the most trusted names in terraforming and geoengineering, has exciting new contractor opportunities available at most of our work sites and corporate offices. Whether you specialize in deep-space mineral extraction or security protocols, Shubin wants to talk to you about joining our family.

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Name :Stevetank Assignment :Odin I, Archon Facility Vehicle SID :A7FC2B29DA - Hauling class Level 3

Transporting refined ore

Stevetank - Personal file

So I walk into the place and Lora tells me that I can't take him on but I'm not thinking straight so I just continue on and tell Jayne to shove off as I shove him to the side and I pull out my pistol and start firing into the ceiling but nothing happens because I forgot to load it again and then big shot Henry stands up from his chair with his shotgun and puts it into my chest and asks me if I have any last words to which I reply that I would like to rethink my actions leading up to that point and so now I still have to pay the guy and I really need a job.

Contractor Reward Program

We at Shubin Interstellar know that mining is difficult work requiring unique skills and unmatched dedication. If a contractor does good work, we want to make sure that they are as eager to continue their relationship with us as we are with them. To reward those contractors who have consistently performed above and beyond, Shubin Interstellar is proud to offer an innovative program that helps ensure that the best keep getting better.

Full details of the Contractor Reward Program will be provided in your Contractor Welcome Packet.