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Your Roberts Space Industries account is your entry into the RSI Community and Star Citizen itself:
once you have downloaded and installed the game, you can log in with these credentials.

Private informationNever share these with any other player or outside this site, they are the key to your personal account.
Your “Login ID“ is a unique and private field that will only be used to sign into your account and identify your account with Customer Support.
Along with your Login ID, your password will be required to sign into the RSI mainframe. We will NEVER ask you for your password, ever.Please ensure that your password meets the strength criteria.
Your email address is required to verify your account and will be used for notifications and to contact Customer Support.
Public informationThese fields will be used to identify you publicly on the site, in the Forums, Chat and Community features.
Your unique callsign on the website. Must be URL-friendly (no special characters or spaces).
Your publicly displayed name. Other players will identify you with it.
Referral (optional)If you have received a code from another player, enter it here and you will immediately receive 5,000 UEC. Learn More.
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