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Star Citizen Alpha FAQ

What is the Star Citizen Alpha?

The Star Citizen Alpha is your first look at the massive universe being constructed by the team at Cloud Imperium Games! Star Citizen Alpha includes Crusader, a work-in-progress sample of an area of our universe where you can dogfight, crew ships together, engage in FPS combat, explore, fly missions and more! As Star Citizen’s development continues, Star Citizen Alpha will continue to be updated with new ships, features and other elements. Star Citizen Alpha also includes Arena Commander, a dogfighting and flight simulation module, with several game modes, as well as ArcCorp, our first planetary landing area, and the hangar module, where you can review the ships you have available.

What are the minimum system requirements for Star Citizen Alpha?

- Windows 7 service pack 1 (64 bit) or Windows 8 (64 bit)

- DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM

- Quad core CPU

- 8GB Memory

Keep in mind that these are estimated system requirements and may change for the final release of the game.

Where can I download the Star Citizen manual?

The latest Arena Commander manual is available as a PDF here. A manual specific to Star Citizen Alpha is in development!

What do I need to access Star Citizen Alpha?

To access Star Citizen Alpha one will need an RSI account and a pledge package which includes a ship, some credits and access to the full game.

What ships will I be able to fly in Star Citizen Alpha?

Arena Commander currently includes the Aurora, 300, Mustang and Hornet series, including all released variants. Additionally, the M50, Gladius, Gladiator, Avenger and Cutlass Black are available for flight today.

If I have a variant (Cutlass Blue, Cutlass Red…) can I still fly?

When a ship variant is unavailable, the purchase will give you access to the base model in Star Citizen until your ship is ready for flight. Additional ships are included with each patch, and you can find the current list here.

What Game Modes can I play?

Star Citizen Alpha’s Crusader environment is not a single game mode, but rather a larger sandbox with many experiences. The following modes are available in Arena Commander:

Single-Player modes include:

- Arena Commander Tutorial
- Vanduul Swarm
- Free Flight
- Murray Cup Racing

Multiplayer modes include:

- Battle Royale
- Squadron Battle
- Capture the Core
- Vanduul Swarm Coop
- Murray Cup Racing