As all players now have access to the Issue Council, we’re formally requesting that players with Launcher related bugs help us reproduce the issue that you are seeing by heading to the Issue Council and adding your own report or adding to an existing report.

A very special thanks to Hector for helping gather and collect the feedback for this FAQ!

In the meantime, this guide may help you to solve some troubles with the Star Citizen Launcher:


- Windows Vista is no longer supported by the launcher.
- Windows 7/8/10: You’ll need ALL Service Pack Updates and the latest DirectX version.
- Please note that you will want to install with Administrator Rights.
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher has to be installed.
- Some versions of Windows 10 will also need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 as 4.5 is not 100% backwards compatible.
- Text size in display settings has to be 100%.
- When uninstalling Star Citizen it’s not enough to run uninstall.exe, you have to delete manually the entire “C:\Cloud Imperium Games” folder.

Installer for the Launcher

The old installer won’t work, you need the new installer!
Installer location: Available here.
Direct link for the installer: Available here.
Optional: Star_Citizen_Launcher_Setup.exe can be unpacked manually if need be. Open CIGLauncher.exe to start the launcher then.


Launcher freezes/crashes/not working:
- Make sure that you have the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable from Microsoft.
- If you are on a laptop, make sure you have added StarCitizen.exe to nVidia or ATI Control Panel using your 3D graphics card.
- Check your sound settings, the sound card sample rate has to be equal to 96000 Hz or lower.


- If the patcher does not start to download, just wait, it can take quite some time for him to get active.
- If there is no reaction at all the most common reason is due to conflicts with other programs or Windows services. You can read more about Selective Startup to help identify to conflict here.
- AVG, Norton, Kapersky and Bitdefender are known to cause issues for the patcher. We also got bug reports for using Evga Precision X.
- Some people reported deleting the config folder in the patcher folder (C:\program files\Cloud Imperium Games\Patcher\config) helped them to fix the patcher.
- For connection issues you may use a VPN.
- Developer sticky thread for patcher issues.
- If the CIGPatcher has finished the download but the game doesn’t seem to work right ANALYZE GAME FILES in the launcher options until your “C:\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public” folder is at least 30 GB in size.