Roberts Space Industries


What are REC?

REC are a type of Virtual Currency that you can earn in-game and that you can then spend, on the website, to try out new game items for a limited time.

How do I earn REC?

Anyone with the game and access to Arena Commander can earn REC by playing ranked games (games that would show up in the global leaderboards) in any competitive multiplayer game modes, in dogfighting and racing.

Where can I see my REC?

You can check out how much REC you currently have in the My RSI menu at the top of any web page, right next to your store credit and UEC.

Your Billing and Subscriptions page also includes a detailed log of the REC you earn and spend.

Where do I spend my REC?

If you have REC, you can spend them in the Electronic Access storefront. More on that below.

Electronic Access FAQ

What is Electronic Access?

Electronic Access is the storefront of Original Systems, the makers of Arena Commander, which they use to sell “ROMs” giving users access to time-limited items in their simulator.

What can I buy?

Electronic Access offers players the ability to try out all available flight-ready ships, along with the whole catalog of weapons and shield generators compatible with Arena Commander.

How long do I keep my ROMs?

Once bought, Electronics can be used for seven 24-hour periods. These days do not have to be consecutive. Keep in mind that all 1-day tokens start being consumed once you load Arena Commander whether you actually use the items or not.

Where can I manage what I’ve bought?

All your Electronics can be seen and managed in the My ROMs section of your account. There you will see which ROMs you have, which are unused, and how much time remains on each.

Any ROM with less than 7 day-tokens remaining can be extended by 7 more days, at 80% of the original Electronic Access price. There is currently no limit on the number of times you can extend a ROM.

Will I be able to see my ROMs in my game Hangar?

No, you will be able to see and mount them in the holotable, which will allow you to play with them in any Arena Commander match.

Can I refund my ROMs?

No – purchases using REC are non-refundable, however REC is easily obtainable in-game.