Subscriptions FAQ

What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions are contributions that any user can make to the Star Citizen Project. They represent a regular payment of either $10 or $20 per month – either automatic, through a Plan, or manual, through Passes (see below), and confer a special “Subscriber” status to the user, giving them access to various exclusive content and perks. Subscriptions are now entering their second year, the very first subscriptions were proposed to the public in late 2012.

What does my subscriber money go toward?

Subscription revenues contribute to the Star Citizen project’s development by funding Around the Verse (Thursdays at 9AM PST!) and Jump Point, the monthly digital magazine of Star Citizen. The revenues also fund the development and release of subscriber-exclusive perks and merchandise!

What are the different kinds of subscriptions?

Centurion vs. Imperator

The Centurion subscription, at $10 per month, is the entry level and gives access to the basic subscription rewards:

  • Access to Jump Point, the monthly digital magazine of Star Citizen. A lengthy monthly newsletter including updates from the team, exclusive in-universe fiction and behind-the-screens information about Star Citizen’s development. Subscribers can access the entire collection of Jump Point back issues at any time.
  • Access to “The Vault,” a collection of Star Citizen artwork that would otherwise never be seen, including ‘paths not taken’ discarded concept art for the true collector. The Vault also includes full resolution versions of all imagery used to create each issue of Jump Point.
  • A catalog of Star Citizen subscriber merchandise, available at times throughout the year. (Including the prototype ship patches and Vanduul size comparison poster seen in this post!)
  • The ability to provide questions for Chris Roberts’ weekly “10 for the Chairman” sessions.
  • Centurion decal for your ship. (Note that this is not available immediately but will be awarded upon release to those eligible.)
  • Access to a Subscriber-only forum and chat room!
  • A new surprise decorative item for your Hangar added to your account every two months! These items won’t give any special gameplay advantage and they will be available to discover in Star Citizen once the persistent universe launches… but for now, the only way to display them is by becoming a development subscriber!

After 12 months you will receive these perks in addition:

  • Your name in the game! We can’t tell you where you’ll find it, but if you subscribe for at least twelve months your name will be located somewhere in the Star Citizen world.
  • Get VIP admission to all future RSI Fan events. You will receive priority reservation for CItizenCons and other conventions!
  • Website Beta Access – join the elite team called upon to test new web content, like the Organization System and Galactapedia (forthcoming.)
  • TEST PILOT” access badge – a single-use token allowing you one day of access to test fly any of the five base spacecraft each month during a future dogfighting alpha test. (Note this is not available immediately but will be retroactively awarded in the future to all eligible accounts.)
  • Year Two Centurion decal for your ship.

The Imperator subscription, at $20 per month, adds the following in addition to the Centurion rewards:

  • Get a single-use 15%-Off coupon for the store after one year of subscription or after purchasing a full year of subscription.
  • Two copies of each digital Hangar item instead of one. Share with your friends!
  • Imperator decal for your ship (you get both Centurion and Imperator).
  • “VANDUUL TEST PILOT” badge allowing access to fly the Vanduul Scythe during the upcoming Dogfighting Module test phase. Each month gives an additional 24 hours of access to the Scythe! (Note this is not available immediately but will be retroactively awarded in the future to all eligible accounts.)

After 12 months you will receive these perks in addition to Centurion and Centurion after 12 months:

  • Create a pirate! We’re populating Spider with NPCs and you will have the right to name one and create their backstory for the official Galactapedia! (CIG reserves the right to edit any content created as part of this perk.)
  • “ADVANCED TEST PILOT” access badge – a single-use token allowing you one day of access to test fly any available spacecraft each month during a future dogfighting alpha test. Includes rare ships and variants! The DFM will launch with a selection of single-seat fighters and add other ships with ongoing patches. (Note this is not available immediately but will be retroactively awarded in the future to all eligible accounts.
  • Year Two Decals for your ships.

Each level of subscription can be paid for monthly or annually through the store.

Plan vs. Pass

There’s two ways to become a subscriber : through a Plan or through Passes.

A Plan is a recurring payment that you subscribe to through your Payment Processor. It can be a monthly-recurring payment or an annually recurring one. Every time a payment is processed, your subscription is automatically expanded by one period (month or year, depending on the plan).

A Plan can be cancelled either through your Billing and Subscriptions page or through the Payment Processor itself. Although cancelling a Plan doesn’t cancel or refund any payment that has already been processed. If you’ve already paid for a month, and you cancel your subscription, you’ll remain a subscriber with all perks intact for the remainder of the month. Cancelling a sub simply cancels all future payments.

A Pass is a one-off payment that grants you Subscriber access for a limited time. They’re an excellent alternative if you can’t or don’t want to subscribe to a recurring payment plan. Passes also don’t require a Credit Card to be purchased. You can even buy them with Store Credit.

A Pass gives you exactly the same perks as a regular Plan, and also contributes to your subscriber history. You can even buy a bunch of them at a time and not worry for a while.

Can I have both Passes and Plans in my account at the same time?

CAUTION : passes should NOT be bought while you still have an active subscription. You’ll end up paying twice for the same amount of time. If you want to buy a Pass, make sure to cancel any active subscription first.

When is Jump Point released/how often is the vault updated?

Jump Point is released once a month, usually the last Friday of each month. The Vault can be updated up to 2-3 times a month with abandoned concept art.

I paid for a year up front, do I get my perks immediately? What perks do I get now vs. at the end of the year?

Some perks take effect the moment you subscribe :

  • Access to the Vault and Jump Point
  • Access to subscriber-exclusive merchandise
  • Access to exclusive in-game items
  • VIP admission to Fan Events (Imperator)
  • Ship decals (Once they are ready!)

Others will need you to accumulate a certain amount of months of subscriptions to unlock :

  • 15%-off coupon to the store (1 year Imperator required)
  • Your name in the game (1 year subscription required)

When will I get my Imperator coupon?

The 15%-off Coupon will be awarded starting August 1st 2014, to anyone who has accumulated at least a year of Imperator Prime time. The coupon will be single-use, on any transaction in the store, capped at a maximum discount of $100 USD.

How do I get my name in-game/submit my pirate story/join website beta?

When we reach these milestones in development, we will launch a survey for all eligible subscribers. Stay tuned!

Is it too late to get my name on the subscriber wall/change my name on there?

Unfortunately yes, it is too late : the wall elements have already begun production so we can’t make anymore changes or additions (or removals, for that matter…).

How do I change the card associated with my subscription?

It is absolutely impossible to simply switch the card on a subscription. If you currently have a Plan, and need to change the Credit Card associated to it, you need to cancel the active subscription first. You will then have to subscribe again to a plan with your other card.

How do I upgrade my subscription from Centurion to Imperator?

It is also impossible to simply switch the type of a subscription. You need to cancel any active subscription and buy a new one with the Imperator Plan.

Can I instantly become a long-time subscriber?

It’s a dangerous thing to ask, but yes you can! But first you need to cancel any active subscription you may have. Once this is done, you can buy any number of month- or year-passes from the store. As soon as you’ve paid for them, their cumulated time will be added to your personal Subscriber history. DO NOT re-subscribe with a recurring plan until the passes have run out their course, or you may end up paying twice for the same time period.

Office Visits Guidelines and Rules

At Cloud Imperium Games we are always excited to see our fans. Sharing the development of Star Citizen is one of the major goals behind the project and it is a privilege to allow office visits when possible. That said, the realities of game development necessitate guidelines on the process. Here are the official rules on office visits to Cloud Imperium studios:

  1. The only backers who are guaranteed visits are original Imperator subscribers and concierge backers.
  2. Absolutely no pop-ins; our employees need to be able to focus on making the Best Damned Space Sim Ever!
  3. Please ask before taking photographs; photography is allowed in designated areas, but we sometimes have sensitive information and surprises for our fans around the studio that we do not want spoiled.
  4. No shoes, no shirt, no service!

At present, visits are to be conducted on specified days each month (or 2 months). Backers that qualify for a visit must schedule ahead of time. We can have multiple visits on one of these community days and the tours usually last for about 1 hour. We have a general outline for how to conduct a tour but the hurdles of game development may require deviation from the norm and we ask our visitors to be flexible. Other than that thank you for wanting to visit Cloud Imperium Games and thank you for making Star Citizen possible.