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How to setup your XMPP client

1. Choose and download a client.

There are many XMPP client available, this guide will cover: Pidgin, Adium (Mac) and Xabber (Android). Expect more to come soon.

To download most recent XMPP clients, click here.

2. Account and server settings

Depending of the XMPP client, the way you will enter your account and server settings may vary (see below for specific instructions for clients).

  • username : that’s based on your user Handle. Use
  • password : the Chat token in your account settings
  • Server/Host : use this address :
  • Service : the address where the client gets the list of channels available to you. Use

Note: If you later re-generate your chat token in your account settings, you will need to update it in your XMPP client. Some clients will use the complete address as username and some will use the username (handle) and domain separately.

Pidgin (PC)

When you start Pidgin for the first time, click on Add. In the Basic tab, input your login options: choose XMPP protocol and input your username, domain (username and domain is your complete email on two lines, see picture below), resource and password (see section 2).

CAREFUL : if your username has uppercase letters, you should use lowercase here.

Then, in Advanced tab, add the Server address (see section 2).

Once your settings are set, you can join a chat room. Go in Buddies / join a chat. In the “Room” field, input the channel name. You can also look at Room List for a list of available rooms

To disable “Join / Part” message on Pidgin, you must go under “Plugins” > “Join/part hiding” > Configure Plugin.

Adium (OSX)

Setup your login (see section 2).

Once set, go in the Adium menu / Preferences. In the Options tab, fill the Connect Server (see section 2) then click OK.

In the File menu, click on Group Chat. Enter the name of the chat room and enter the server (use the service server, see section 2), then click join.

Xabber (Android)

Tap on add account. Leave XMPP as Account type, type in your username and password (see section 2).

Tap on menu button of your Android device and join conference. In the Multi User Chat server field, type in the Service (see section 2).