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Sindo Guerrero

Sindo Guerrero (SEY 2902 - present) is a flamenco and psychedelic fusion musician most notable for his song "Sun Kissed." As a child he was uninterested in music, but became curious about it in his late teens when his friends needed a singer for their band. He spent the next five years immersed in performing with them and learning the guitar and keyboards. When his parents relocated to the Ellis system, he took this as an opportunity to launch a solo act, and was soon making headlines for his unique sound and magnetic stage presence. His first hit, "Outsider Again, I..." made it into the top ten of the New United music chart and secured him a lucrative recording contract. After the release of his second album, he and his family took a trip to the T.āl system in 2929, where the sight of the yellow-tinted architecture on Oil'xa (T.āl II) inspired him to write what would become his record-breaking number one hit "Sun Kissed." In 2937, after nearly two years of continuous touring and the end of his ten year contract, Guerrero retired, stating that he'd made enough credits to last a lifetime. He is known to collaborate with other musicians, but has not toured since his retirement.

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