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Human-Xi'an Trade Initiative (HuXa)

The Human-Xi’an Trade Initiative (HuXa) is a 2947 trade agreement between the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and the Xi’an Empire (SaoXy’an). Spearheaded by ImperatorKelos Costigan(b:2855 - present), it loosened restrictions on the export and import of goods between the two empires and established incentives for Xi’anHouses to engage in business with Human companies. Negotiations for the 10,000 page HuXa were conducted in secret between Xi’an and Human government officials on a one-to-one basis to prevent the private sector from speculation. In the runup to the vote, mercenary Maurice Vano attempted to assassinate Costigan. Though it was never confirmed if the attack was motivated by opposition to the HuXa, it inadvertently boosted public opinion on it. The Senate ratified the HuXa by a narrow margin after weeks of debate. Since its passing, multiple Houses such as Aopoa and’ak have debuted goods aimed at the Human market.

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