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Livia Messer III

Livia Messer III (2593-2661) was Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2628 to 2643. She inherited the office from her father, Deacon Messer II, when he voluntarily stepped down. Livia expanded her father's legal reform efforts by increasing the maximum sentences for convicted criminals and restructuring the definition of prisons, allowing her to build political prisons on Charon III. She also increased government oversight of media, effectively establishing an unofficial office of propaganda, and restricted travel in the interest of security. She, her husband Daniel Scota, and her son Marius were victims of a shuttle crash in 2641, when their craft malfunctioned upon atmospheric re-entry above Moscow, Earth (Sol III). Though she survived, the rest of her family did not. She retired in 2643, after giving her son the honorary title Marius IV. She died in her sleep in 2661; one month before Deacon II.

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