Ark Galactapedia

Terra Mills (Terragra)
  • Industry

  • Founded

    2665 (as Terragra) 2717 (as Terra Mills)

  • Headquarters

    Terra (Terra III)

  • Products

    Food products, snacks

Terra Mills is a Human manufacturer of consumer foods founded in 2665 on Terra (Terra III). It produces a wide variety of well known brands, such as Pips, Fieldsbury, Prallies, and Big Benny’s. Formerly known as Terragra, the company merged with Bremen Mills in 2717, and the resulting corporate entity was renamed Terra Mills. With the resources of Bremen Mills and Terragra’s distribution network, the company became a dominating force in the market and remains a top food and beverage manufacturer. Terra Mills is one of the largest employers in the Bremen system.