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Ophion, Inc.

Ophion, Inc. was a geo-development and terraforming company that operated from 2501 to 2567. Founded by Eurynome Rhodes, it was initially known for its conscientious business practices and high rates of pay. However, after the founder's son Savion Guerra-Rhodes inherited the company in 2560, he began to implement cost-saving measures that resulted in shoddy products and low levels of employee satisfaction. Guerra-Rhodes utilized the resulting capital to purchase terraforming rights to Taranis II and its moon from the United Empire of Earth (UEE) government, where he planned to test the effectiveness of a new technology meant to utilize the orbital energy of Taranis 2a as a power source. Instead, the company caused a catastrophic accident that destroyed Taranis 2a, and the resulting financial and public fallout forced the company to close its doors in 2567.

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