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The Tohil system is a planetary system in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) that consists of a K-type main sequence star, two terrestrial planets, a mesoplanet, and a super-Earth. Discovered in SEY 2716 by smugglers Oisha Suen and Aadya Firmino, it was added to the Perry Line in 2719 when the UEE Navy located a jump point to the system from Oya. Named Tohil after an ancient Human war deity, it became a popular smuggling route after the UEE relocated its military forces to the Castra system. In 2789, Senator Terrence Akari of Terra (Terra III) and Emperor T.uēng se Kr.ē met on Tohil III in secret and negotiated the first peace treaty between Humans and Xi'an. The Akari-Kr.ē Treaty contributed to the growing instability of the Messer government and helped bring an end to the Xi'an-Human Cold War (2530 - 2793).

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