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Green Imperial Housing Exchange (Grim HEX)

The Green Imperial Housing Exchange, also known as Grim HEX, is a housing exchange located in the ring of Yela (Stanton 2c) that was closed in 2938 and subsequently fell under the control of criminals. Completed in 2903, the exchange was constructed inside an asteroid to provide affordable housing for workers and supervisors tied to nearby mining operations. Profits from rent easily covered the cost of maintenance until 2933, when most of the mines in the ring of Yela began to decline. Many of the inhabitants left when their jobs ended, cutting off the station's main source of revenue, and it fell into disrepair. After it was officially shut down in 2938, squatters, smugglers, transients, and others moved in, and a black market established itself there away from the jurisdiction of authorities on Crusader (Stanton II). The first recorded usage of the nickname Grim HEX was from a police interrogation of a local criminal in 2938.

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