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Illyana Sharrad
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    United Empire of Earth High-Secretary (2942 - 2950)

Illyana Sharrad (2897 - present) is a Human politician and the High-Secretary of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2942 to 2950. Appointed by ImperatorKelos Costigan, she first took office in 2942 after a two decade career as a civil infrastructure consultant. It was her work exposing a major corruption scheme centered around private firms bidding for public works projects that first drew the attention of the Imperator's office. As High-Secretary, she has advocated for increased funding for infrastructure repair and improvement, worked to close loopholes in Imperial Grant Policy, and helped to oust multiple officials for corruption. She announced her intention to run for Imperator in late 2949 and succeeded in becoming one of five final candidates in the April 2950 Secondary Vote. A member of the Universalist party, her platform included the Jump Start plan to increase infrastructure spending for achievable local projects in an effort to create employment opportunities, freezing and re-evaluating Synthworld funding, and the Active Engagement program to increase civic engagement. Anonymous attack ads criticizing her budget plan released just before the Secondary Vote pulled some Universalist support from her in favor of fellow party member Titus Costigan.

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