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Third Imperial Age
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    II.1824 (1377) - present

The Third Imperial Age, ruled by House Kr.ē, is the Xi’an Empire’s (SaoXy'an) current dynasty. It began in II.1824 (1377) with the selection of U.e’o se Kr.ē as the new Emperor, roughly a century after the Kr’thak’s assassination of House Xy.ō. During this era, the Xi’an formally ended hostilities with the Kr’thak, made first contact with Banu, Vanduul, and Humans, and established diplomatic relationships and opened channels of trade with Banu and Humans. The current Emperor, T.uēng se Kr.ē, was one of the signatories of the Akari-Kr.ē Treaty (III.1050 / 2789), the first nonaggression pact between Humans and Xi’an, an instrumental step in the eventual end of the Xi’an-Human Cold War (III.863 - III.1053 / 2530-2793). Because he has no heirs, the Third Imperial Age will end upon his death or abdication, and the Fourth Imperial Age will begin with the selection of a new Imperial House.

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