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Carl Dyson

Carl Dyson (SEY 2593 - SEY 2701) was a gunner and Lieutenant in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) Navy and musician best known for discovering the Kai'pua-Horus jump point alongside fellow starman Ahmad Harar. In SEY 2617, he and his pilot Lieutenant Harar were patrolling the Horus system when they detected a gravitational anomaly. After a long period of analysis, their ship's computer determined that this was likely to be a jump point. Dyson wanted to alert his commanding officer, but Harar convinced him to navigate the jump point before doing so, thus ensuring that they would earn a place in history. On the other side, however, their ship was immediately disabled and the two starmen were captured by the Xi'an military. They spent three days being interrogated, and eventually managed to convince their captors that the UEE Navy knew nothing about the jump point. Dyson and Harar were returned to the Horus system with a message: any UEE vessels spotted in Kai'pua in the future would be shot on sight. Dyson was reprimanded for failing to report his discovery to his superiors. Instead of accepting a demotion, Dyson requested and was granted an honorable discharge. He then emigrated to Earth (Sol III) to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a musician. His most notable album, "Twilight on the Firing Line," earned two Elira Awards.

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