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Micah Zahir

Micah Zahir (2460 - 2577) was an independent resource surveyor and landowner most notable for discovering the Oretani system in 2481. Born on Vann (Croshaw III), Zahir migrated to Asura (Ferron III) in 2480 to work as a mining scan operator. When he was unable to find employment, Zahir signed on as an escort for supply convoys. Zahir picked up a strange signal during one of these supply runs that he logged to investigate at a later time. When he returned alone to the area, he undertook a thorough search and discovered the jump point to the Oretani system. He named it after his favorite ship from the 2464 vid Blast Crater, and used the reward money from the UNE to purchase real estate on Selene (Vega III). At the time of his death in 2577, he was one of the largest landowners in the Vega system.

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