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Corbyn Salehi
  • Born


  • Died


  • Classification

  • Affiliation

  • Occupation

    • United Empire of Earth Imperator (2871 - 2881)
    • Director of Project Archangel (2881 - 2922)

Corbyn Salehi (2829 - 2922) was Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2871 to 2881. Elected on a platform that promised an open government and an end to corruption, Salehi authorized the declassification of thousands of records, supported Advocacy investigations on government officials accused of misconduct, and widened the definition of a protected planet under the Fair Chance Act. His most long-lasting achievement was the foundation of Project Archangel, also known as Synthworld. After ending his term as Imperator, Salehi served as the director of the project. He died in 2922 due to complications from his artificial pancreas.

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