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Terrence Akari

Terrence Akari (2737 - 2833) was a Senator of Terra (Terra III) who was instrumental in crafting the Akari-Kr.ē Treaty, the first pact of nonaggression between Humans and Xi’an. He was first elected as Senator in 2772, after a decade of work on the Prime city council. A lifelong advocate of peace between Humans and aliens, Akari ran on a platform that promised to ease the tensions between Xi’an and Humans on Terra. In 2789, anti-Messer activists smuggled him to the Tohil system, where he met with Emperor Kr.ē to hammer out the details of the Akari-Kr.ē Treaty. Akari was forced to go into hiding until the events of the Anti-Messer Revolution toppled the Imperator. When the new ImperatorErin Toi offered him a position as ambassador to the Xi’an Empire, Akari chose instead to rejoin with the Senate and work to rebuild the UEE. He helped craft the Fair Chance Act, Military Reorganization Act of 2793, the Historical Truth Act, and many other key pieces of legislation that reshaped the UEE's government. He died in office of natural causes in 2833.

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