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Preacher Armament
  • Industry

  • Founded


  • Headquarters

    Rytif (Bremen II)

  • Products

    Personal weapons, spacecraft weapons, energy weapons

Preacher Armaments is a Human manufacturer of personal and vehicle-mounted weapons with a specific focus on professional-grade manufacturing intended for use by working security. The company was founded in 2931 on Rytif (Bremen II) by Kino Walton, who created weapons in his personal workshop. These weapons sold well enough among the local militia that Walton was able to secure funding to expand operations and make Preacher weapons available across the United Empire of Earth (UEE). They are best known for their lines of scatterguns such as the Salvation, Absolution, and Condemnation. Preacher also produces the popular Inquisition XXII ballistic gatling gun. The company’s branding and marketing has a slight religious angle, with their current advertising utilizing the slogan “With Preacher on your side, they haven’t got a prayer.”