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Mira Ngo

Mira Ngo (2891 - present) is Senator of Terra (Terra III) (2936 - present), and the youngest person to have ever been elected to the United Empire of Earth (UEE)Senate. She was one of the final five candidates running in the 2950 Imperator election. A third generation Senator, she has long championed Transitionalist party policies such as relocating the capital of the UEE from Earth (Sol III) to Terra. On 10 October 2949, the day she announced her candidacy for Imperator, her home was burglarized. Shortly thereafter personal files were released that revealed ties between the Ngo family and multiple privately-owned Terra construction companies. In addition to the relocation of the UEE’s capital, her campaign promises included the restoration and preservation of historic buildings on Earth, a restructure of funding to Synthworld and the Vanduul war effort, and criminal justice reforms to ease jail sentences for people convicted of nonviolent crimes.

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