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The High-Advocate is the leader of the judiciary and law enforcement branch in the United Empire of Earth (UEE). Laws that have passed through the Senate and have been approved by the Imperator are interpreted and enforced by the High-Advocate, then funneled to local governments for adoption. Originally created as an elected office in 2523, the position was dissolved by Ivar Messer I in 2546. It was re-established in 2793, after the events of the Anti-Messer Revolution deposed Imperator Linton Messer XI, ending over 200 years of despotic rule. The High-Advocate is nominated by the newly-elected Imperator but must be approved by the Directors Council, a committee composed of the heads of the various law enforcement and judicial departments that fall under the High Advocate’s control. This structure was set up after the end of the Messer Era to prevent future Imperators from treating the Advocacy and other departments as a private security force.

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