Ark Galactapedia

A quantum drive is a type of engine that generates a Chan-Eisen field, enabling spacecraft to travel at approximately 20% of the speed of light. Because it takes a great deal of energy for a quantum drive to work, larger ships with more room for specialized power and cooling devices can remain in quantum travel longer than smaller ships. Quantum drives can be altered with a jump module to become a jump drive capable of traversing interspace.

The first Xi’an quantum drive was created in 25343 BCE by House Yaing. Having recently developed terraforming, the Xi’an used their new technology to expand beyond their home planet of RyiXy'an (Hyoton III), eventually colonizing Ka’ua (Hyoton IV) and Tethle’a (Hyoton II). The first Human quantum drive prototype was created by Dr. Scott Childress and his team in SEY 2075 and was capable of achieving 1/100th the speed of light. The debut of the quantum drive led to a sharp increase in exploration of the Sol system, conducted by institutions and private individuals. Historians are unsure exactly how long the Banu have had quantum engine technology due to their lack of historical data.

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