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Chemline Solutions

Chemline Solutions (CS) is a Human manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemicals. It was founded in 2889 by Victor Zahid, a businessman, and his twin sister Adorai Zahid, a geological engineer, after Adorai’s company Edo Inc. cancelled her project to develop a new kind of resource extraction technology. While Adorai worked to complete her research, CS supplied chemicals to various companies in order to build up the company’s reputation. In 2904, CS activated their first gas mining facility on the moon of Odin I, Gainey. Though CS was successful in harvesting gas from deep inside Gainey, it caused dangerous seismic events. Adorai sued Victor for rights to her technology when he fired her for her continued dissent against a plan to build another extraction facility on a populated world. The highly-publicized legal battle severely impacted the company’s reputation. No longer able to maintain the Gainey facility, CS closed it in 2919 and sealed it in 2923.