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Imperial Arts Foundation
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    Green (Ellis III)


The Imperial Arts Foundation (IAF) is a nonprofit charitable organization located on Green (Ellis III) that provides funding and resources to artists and arts programs in the United Empire of Earth (UEE). It was founded in 2811 by Marana River (2788-2887). Every year, the IAF awards grants and fellowships to artists who work with a wide variety of forms, including music, sculpture, dance, performance, digital media, and writing.


After graduating from Aydo Polytechnic with a degree in sculpture, heiress Marana River was able to work comfortably as an artist thanks to her family's wealth. Many of her friends, however, struggled to make art and support themselves at the same time. This difference in circumstances pushed River to research how she could provide artists like her friends with enough money to concentrate on their work without worrying about paying rent or obtaining basic necessities.

Enlisting the help of her parents, River secured initial funding to hold a gala, to which she invited local businesses, government officials, celebrities, and wealthy friends. The gala was a success; in its first year, the organization raised roughly 3 million UEC. With these funds, River registered her new charity under the name Green Foundation for the Arts and hired her first employees. She continued to hold other fundraiser events alongside her annual gala, and after six years of fundraising, established an endowment of 400 million UEC. The charity awarded grants only to new artists on Green for eleven years. When it opened a second branch on Aremis (Vega II) in 2829, it was renamed the Imperial Arts Foundation and amended its mission to support new artists in all parts of the UEE.


The IAF sponsors two major events every year: the Green Gala and the Folk Arts and Music Fair. The Green Gala, held at the Green Museum of Art, is a red-carpet, invite-only event used to generate funds for the IAF. Celebrities and philanthropists attend alongside IAF grant recipients selected by an independent committee of arts peers. Each gala is assigned a theme to set the tone for attendees' formal dress. The Folk Arts and Music Fair, held on multiple planets on a rotating basis, is an arts festival showcasing traditional and non-traditional arts unique to each planet in the UEE. The first fair, held on Saisei (Centauri III) in 2847, honored traditional Saisei instrument craft.


In addition to grants, the IAF gives out awards to artists who demonstrate outstanding potential. Those early in their careers are given the River's Promise Award and a monetary prize. The Eminence Award is given to artists who have benefited from IAF grants and have gone on to achieve prominence in their chosen discipline. Lastly, supporters who have donated to the IAF, without whom the charity would be unable to continue its mission, are recognized with a Patron of the Arts Award.

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