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Condi Hillard

Condi Hillard (2659 - 2712) was a security contractor for Orion Defense Protection (ODP), best known for being the first Human to have defeated a Vanduul in ship-to-ship combat. After she completed her Equivalency, she obtained an old Gladius from a scrapyard, repaired it, and found work in the Orion system with ODP. In the aftermath of the Vanduul attack on Armitage (Orion III) in 2681, ODP increased patrol shifts for all its pilots, including Hillard. The Vanduul struck two weeks later, and Hillard downed a Scythe and led her team to destroy the rest of the Vanduul ships before they could strike at a nearby outpost. Hillard was commended for her actions, and the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) Squadron 36 utilized her strategies to develop an early technique to down Vanduul fighters. She died in action in 2712 defending Armitage during the Battle of Orion.

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