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Battle of Idris IV
  • Type

  • Date(s)

    1 October 2544

  • Location

    Idris IV

  • Participants

    Tevarin, United Planets of Earth

  • Results

    United Planets of Earth victory

The Battle of Idris IV was a major engagement during the First Tevarin War (2541-2546) between Human forces of the United Planets of Earth (UPE) and the Tevarin. It took place on 1 October 2544 on and above Idris IV. Before the battle, the UPE had been losing ground, resulting in the planet being overtaken by Tevarin forces. The tactics of a young Ivar Messer ensured UPE victory at Idris IV and turned the tide of the war. This battle was key in beginning Messer’s rise to power. A monument to the battle has been established on Idris IV.

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