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Hyperion (Fora III)

Hyperion (Fora III) is the third planet from the sun of the Fora system, United Empire of Earth (UEE), and is the system's only populated world. In 2316, the Aether Worldbuilding Corporation started terraforming operations on Fora III, but abandoned the project in 2319 when the company unexpectedly folded. When a jump point was discovered in Fora's neighboring system Banshee to the Banu system Yulin in 2463, there was a rush to terraform the planet. However, an accident during the terraforming process vaporized part of the mantle, creating a fine red powder that dispersed into the atmosphere and plunged Hyperion into a perpetual, planet-wide dust storm. The project was abandoned. Today, Hyperion is used as a de facto home base for many pirates and smugglers.

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