Ark Galactapedia

Ma'tok.yaai (Tokyai)
  • Indigenous to

    Xi (’a V)

  • Also found

    Ko’li (Ē’aluth III)

The ma'tok.yāi is a forest-dwelling apex predator indigenous to Xi (’a V). Speakers of UEE Standard sometimes refer to it as the tokyai. About 2 meters in length, it has occasionally been known to take down prey twice its size. Its long, curved claws help it grip branches, and membranes under its arms help it glide from tree to tree. An ambush predator, it typically waits among the leaves for unsuspecting prey to pass underneath it, then drops down and attacks. Although it is endangered on Xi, there is a healthy population of ma'tok.yāi on the preserve world Ko’li (Ē’aluth III).

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