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Oya III is a terrestrial planet in the Oya system, United Empire of Earth (UEE), and is the third world from its sun. With a temperate climate and naturally-occurring nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, it was identified as a prime colony world by the Xi'an Empire (SaoXy'an) after its MXY III.866 (SEY 2566) discovery. A small settlement was established there that same year. However, the Xi'an government recalled the inhabitants in MXY III 882 (SEY 2587), when the UEE located the Oya-Castra jump point. At the end of the Xi'an-Human Cold War (SEY 2530 - 2793 / MXY III.838 - III.1044), the newly-reformed UEE government returned the former settlement to the Xi'an Empire as a gesture of goodwill. It is the only sovereign alien territory contained within the UEE.

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