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Council of Three

A Council of Three (kyoLyon) is the ruling body of a Xi’an House, composed of three elders. Three is seen by the Xi’an as the ideal number to balance important decisions, ensuring that multiple points of view are heard and wisdom prevails. All aspects of the governance of a House are overseen by its Council, such as the expenditure of fiscal assets, the distribution of food and clothing, and the arrangement of breeding partners to continue the family Line, among others.

The Imperial House’s Council of Three differs in that it is required by law to be made up of those who are not blood-related to the current Emperor. Instead, it consists of an advanced practitioner of Li’tova from R.aip’uāng (Kai’pua III), and one representative each from the civil (yi’p.ūt’ung) and military (yi’p.ūh'yath) branches of the Imperial Bureaucracy (Pō’t.ōngp.ū). Members of the Council do not retain ties to their Houses of birth, either having chosen to remain with the Bureaucracy after completion of their required 30 years of service, or having dedicated their lives to the study of Li'tova. As the second highest ruling body in the Xi’an Empire, this Council of Three advises the Emperor, directs the governance of the Service, interprets and applies Li’tova, and controls the movement of the military.

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