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Āi se Cho'an

Āi se Cho'an (MXY III.726 - III.874? / SEY 2386 - 2577?) was a navjumper best known for her discovery of the Yā'mon system. Born into a House that specialized in jump point navigation, Āi was trained from a young age in navigational techniques and began her career hunting for potential jump points when she completed her civil service in MXY III.796 (SEY 2477). Her discovery of the Yā'mon system in MXY III.837 (SEY 2529) earned her the status of Matriarch at the young age of 111. Āi disappeared in MXY III.874 (SEY 2577) while traveling in the T.āl system. Historians of House Cho'an maintain that she likely fell victim to an accident while navigating a yet-to-be-discovered jump point. House Cho'an has made it a rite of passage for their members to complete a year-long tour in T.āl, hoping to locate what Āi may have found.

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