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R.aip'uāng (Kai'pua II)

R.aip'uāng (Kai'pua II) is the second planet from the sun of the Kai'pua system, Xi'an Empire (SaoXy'an). One day on R.aip'uāng is equal in length to 100 Modern Xi'an Years (MXY), a coincidence with enough significance for it to have been turned into the spiritual center of Li'tova at the conclusion of the First Imperial Age (MXY I.0 - I.14680 / SEY 19668 - 878 BCE). Most of its surface is covered in verdant fields and cultivated gardens, with temples built so there is always one visible on the horizon no matter one's location. It is considered a huge achievement to meditate on R.aip'uāng for a full day, a feat achievable only by those who have mastered manipulation of their metabolic state. No manufacturing or mining activities are allowed beyond the essential in order to maintain tranquility, and most visitors to the planet are encouraged to limit their travels to the capital city and its immediate surroundings.

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