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Ē'aluth System

The Ē'aluth system is a planetary system in the Xi'an Empire (SaoXy'an) that consists of a K-type main sequence star, a puffy planet, a smog planet, a terrestrial planet, a gas dwarf, a gas giant, and an asteroid belt. Discovered in MXY I.14599 (SEY 981 BCE), it was immediately earmarked by the Xi'an government for development as a nature preserve. The third planet, Ko'li (Ē'aluth III), was terraformed and seeded with every single known plant and animal species that originated in Xi'an territory. Most food and resources needed to support the workers who maintain Ko'li are imported into Ē'aluth in order to preserve the sanctuary's carefully-crafted environments. Visitors to the system are permitted, but commercial development is strictly forbidden. Humans first became aware of the system in MXY III.926 (SEY 2602), when a Banu Information Souli sold the location of the Oya-Ē'aluth jump point to the United Empire of Earth (UEE).

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